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According to the’s ranking of celebrities, Song Joongki 송중기 宋仲基 is right up there in the listing of the top celebrities in China. What makes him even hotter is his starring role in the current running Korean drama, Descendants Of The Sun, 태양의 후예 Taeyangui Huye 太陽的後裔 太阳的后裔 Taiyang de Houyu, the hottest Kdrama at the moment!

In Seoul, the KBS show Descendants has entered the 30 per cent range in the ratings in just six episodes, three weeks earlier than what My Love from the Star (the other recording breaking drama) did, according to Yonhap News Agency. On the China video site iQiyi, Descendants of the sun streamed over 700 million times as of now.

It remains to be seen whether it can surpass what My Love from the Star did with 2.5 billion views in just three months! China for Korean fried chicken that a pregnant woman reportedly almost suffered a miscarriage after wolfing down fried chicken and beer — the food favoured by the lead actress in the series.

My Love from the Star had of course created such a craze that KFC or Korean Fried Chicken became such a popular dish in China. It was reported that a pregnant woman almost suffered a miscarriage after wolfing down fried chicken and beer. There are so many other funny or maybe not so funny stories relating to watching Korean dramas. All right, a word of caution: be careful about watching too much Kdrama for too long in one go. A 20 years old woman nearly went blind after an 18-hour Korean drama marathon.

Would Descendants spark some new craze or new kind of phenomenon? Maybe all the guys and gals will rush to join the army? Hmm… Let’s see… 🙂

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